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Chicago Style: Deep Dish vs. Stuffed

There's a bit of confusion about what kind of pizza can be named "Deep Dish". As there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the different kinds of Chicago Style deep dish, we created this guide to describe what we at Chicago's Pizza call "Stuffed Pizza in the Pan" and "Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza".


Chicago's Stuffed Pizza

The pizza that put us on the map, and one we've been baking for over 20 years. It's also the pizza that we sell by the slice at the counter. We start with our buttery, flaky crust into which 100% mozzarella and the ingredients of your choice are loaded. A second crust is draped over this, then the pie is covered with our rich, fresh tomato sauce and sprinkled with our parmesan/spice mix.








Chicago's Deep Dish Pizza

This is the newest addition to our pizza menu, and one we are very fond of. For this pizza style, created a crust that is crispy on the bottom with a tender crumb made with butter and polenta for an authentic Chicago taste. This pizza is also made in a deep pan, but it has a sigle bottom crust where we add our mozzarella blend followed by your favorite ingredients, all topped with our rustic, fresh California tomato sauce. We finish it with a sprinkle of our parmesan/spice mix and in the oven it goes. 30 Minutes later, a thing of beauty emerges.